where have you been all my life.

 top; urban outfitters jeans; topshop cardigan:primark camera:canon D1000

this week has been rather long for me, i guess its because ive been to uni everyday which is different i usually have at least one day off a week. got loads of work to do. working all weekend aswell :(
been looking at some bleach jeans for a while but i can never bring myself to buy some as i think they can look tacky on some people. i think these are nice because they are more leggins/jeggings rather than jeans so they are really comforable but they still give the jean effect - one thing i dont like is because they are tight on your legs due to the elasticness i think my knees stand out and look really knobbly. what do you think of them ?

i started a diet a few weeks ago and im doing really well, havent lost much weight but im starting to notice a difference, in my face and boobs.

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