REVIEW; Tangle Teezer Orignial

tangle teezer original; £10.20 boots (cheaper online)
mine was £8 from the clothes show

when i saw these i knew i wanted one so when i finally did i was really excited, alot of people are like its just a brush, how can you justify spending that much on some plastic. well the thing is ... tangle teeezer aims to care for your hair therefore reducing hair breakage, splits and damaging hair. it even says it will make your hair shiny.

now for me its perfect... i have knotty, frizzy hair, its mid-length and a nightmare in the morning. since using tangle teezer i havent really noticed any difference to my hair for example less split ends or shinier hair but it does get my knots out effortsly and doesnt hurt my head. (i do need my hair cutting so i might notice my split ends improving more after that)

a problem ive had with brushes previously is the brush hurts my head when i am brushing my hair but the bristles are gentle and the way you hold the brush means you have total control over it thus not whacking yourself on the head

ive been using it in the bath and shower to distribute my conditioner evenly :) it works really well and it gets the knots out just as well on wet hair.

i would recomend this to everyone - its compact and easy to fit in your bag, it does get your knots out easily and its glittery and purple ;) (available in more colours) i would say if you have really soft, shiny hair and you can brush it easily enough now its probably not worth buying one, but if like me your hairs full of knots everyday and getting them out with your usual brush hurts i would definatly tell you to buy one.


Assez Blonde said...

absolutely swear by these, such a good brush :) ALWAYS gets out those mysterious dreadlocks that somehow manage to creep into my hair. btw @AssezBlonde is the account I use on twitter, just got a follower request from you on my old one so follow the other one :)

Sophie Foster said...

defiantly need to get my hands on one of these, they look so good x

sophie @