REVIEW; nivea visage tinted moisturiser

amazon: £7.95

I bought this tinted moisturiser to try out as I do have very oily skin but this says it doesn't clog pores so i thought i'd give it a try. first of all the bottle is a whopping 75ml which for a foundation/ tinted moisturiser is alot. its a nice bottle and the packaging is nice too.
like most tinted moisturisers the application is quite runny and opaque but it does give full coverage, it smells lovely and the natural shade was really nice on myself. (i'm quite pale, tanned)
it does however state it adapts to your natual skin tone so i should image it would match most skin types.

i really like this product and if you can get your hands on it i would reccomend trying it out. i use mineral foundation but i am going to try this out and see whether my skin likes it as i might where it daily. it absorbs really quickly and makes your skin really soft.

i actually bought this product from home bargains for £1.99 so i would RUN TO YOUR NEAREST NOW! because for the money this is an absolute steal, but if you dont live by a home bargains its available on amazon.

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