another one of those days!

cardian : river island top: urban outfitters scarf: market jeans : primark

well todays been one of THEM days! firstly i fell back to sleep ¬_¬ so after rushing to get ready and being stressed out by abbie; shes one of those people that leaves things so instead of sorting out shoes yesterday she did it this morning therefore making herself late, shes got a interviewy/first shifty thing at my work tonight.
after finally making my way to university i got to the trainstation to be greated with CANCELLED! and lots of them. all the trains were delayed and canceled because of one! broken down train.
anyway after waiting about an hour i gave up and came home. opps.
i really like this outfit :D my cardigan was a bargain £17 in the sale i love it, my moms got it in a red/rust colour aswell.
ive been looking at new blushers, im currently using one from Avon but i really want to try a mac one or benefit, maybe NARS( a more expensive brand lol ) but i just dont know what shade to go for.
let me know what you think of these blushers if you use them,


Kim said...

Our local River Island sale was rubbish :( I never saw this cardigan! It's so nice, great buy :) x

sweet monday

Erin said...

The cardigan is gorgeous, such a great colour.
i'd recommend Sugarbomb by Benefit, although the new blush Hervana is out soon and looks beautiful! x