where does time go.

heres a few pictures of my week. havent had much time to blog much
1. me 2.scarf: £3 primark 3. nails inc. 4.5.6. paperchase

look at my paperchase goodies.
my boyfriends moms birthday is coming  up and she LOVES russian dolls so i bought this stationary AGES ago so it didnt run out hehe. as far as i know its still in store but its well cute :D

got my deadline coming up  :( been doing alot of work from home so ive been keeping myself away from my laptop as i get sidetracked.

been spending lots of time with the boyfriend because our anniversary is coming up and we have been really good lately- ive preordered his wrestling game and hes got me jimmy choo perfumeeee I LOVE PRESENTS

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