shake it out

dress: ebay £12.99 shoes: topshop £18 nail polish: £5 each models own

i havent posted for a while just due to not being on my computer alot and im not comfortable blogging on my phone. heres a few items that ive had my eye on. i love velvet dresses. i like this one which at £12.99 is a bargain, i might just buy it later. theres also a red sleeveless one on topshop that i like too... its £30.

Im going to thee clothes show in birmingham on saturday so im really excited. i dont actually have any money which is gutting. ive put abit aside incase i see anything tho. ive been the past 3 years and its okay even if you have no money. im really interested in what models own will be doing as they have been posting on facebook about special cosmetic bags with free stuff in so looking forward to that :D i might pick up the beetle juice collection if they have it too.
i would reccomend the clothes show as you can pick up some bargains and you get little free extras aswell, the magazines are my favourites they give you goodie bags if you buy a magazinee :D

should hopefully be blogging more, just trying to concentrate on university atm,

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