i like sundays

jumper :primark jeans: topshop lipstick: kate by rimmel (03 rosset to rouge)

this weeks gone so fast.
ive actually done no work for uni until today.
ive been feeling quite ill this week tho, its defonatly the weather.
had work this weekend aswell so that meant i had to do some painting today.. i did enjoy it however this week i still have loads of work to do therefore will be chilling at the library.
i bought this jumper from primark i lovee it! i love the colours and for primark its a really nice soft material... ive bought a size 20. 1. because that was the only size left and 2. i wanted it to be baggy 3. this material is prone to shrinking.
been thinking about holidays loadsss. ive been given the chance to go to paris with uni which i think will be an amazing experience but i also need a proper holidayy too lol.

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LoveFayexoxo said...

Love this jumper!! what camera is that?? it takes great pics!


LoveFaye xoxo