november glossy box

Hello everyone... can’t believe it’s been a week since i last posted. Anyway it’s been one long week. My deadline was Monday so I was getting ready for that. I went to Liverpool yesterday. Didn’t take any photos as it was freezing. Went to the Alice in wonderland exhibition at the Liverpool Tate. Also visited the walker gallery and the bluecoat gallery. The bluecoat was really interesting and on at the walker was Henri Matisse :D its such a rare occasion to actually see some of Matisse’s work so i was well chuffed lol. The Alice exhibition is amazing and I would defiantly recommend people to see it.
glossy box arrived :S i wasnt impressed and after reading posts alot of people are talking about unsubscribing. i think im going to wait and see what they do for december and then maybe unsub. the hand creme and skin creme are really nice... abit gutted with the HORRIBLE perfumes i got, the bath salts and the ugly patterned nail foils i got.

My blog seems to be getting more and more page views so id appreciate it if people followed my blog thanks.

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