too rough to photograph haha

my deadline for uni has come round so quickly. we have 3 projects to do... and they all consist of three weeks work. so my three weeks is up and monday is assessment:|
I've worked three shifts this week, i quite like being back at work as i had a few weeks off and now im getting back into it. the tips are better ;) made £65 this week from just 3 shifts so tomorrow i will be purchasing the leather jacket from topshop that i must have mentioned 9032335 times lol.

just subscribed to glossybox... might be a subscribe for a couple of months.
i really think the dermalogica stuff in octobers box looked like a good amount of product for the money.
i hope novembers box is good because i know ive read mixed reviews on these beauty boxes...i just wanted a try one of them out. i might try glossy box out then unsubscribe and try some others out.

i want to get into reviewing products... i did a review recently on my E.L.F order... check it out here.
so i will most likely review the beauty boxes... i also need make up atm so im gonna buy some and ill review them :D

i feel so ill right now:( today im wearing a jumper jeans with my hair scraped onto the top of my hair lulz.
i reallly dont want to go to uni tomorrow but its assesment day and i wanna see what everyones done.


LoveFayexoxo said...

amazing jacket! and can't wait to hear about your first Glossybox delivery! I'm so tempted to subscribe to it!!

LoveFaye xoxo

Anonymous said...

eee i have this jacket babe :)

Oh I am currently trying to decide if I should sign up to glossy box or not!!!