i have this awful cold...

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im seriously sooo ill.
ive got an awful cold and it means my nose is like a constant tap.. drippinggg

i dont know why but i really didnt expect uni to be this stressful... tbh compared to alot of people i do think ive done a fairly sufficient amount of work but then again what i wanted to do isnt finished. theres things to do therefore i am stressed. my printer at home is completly stupid. the printers at uni are just as bad. they refused to print in a3, whats that about :S

got work at 5 tomorrow which im actually looking foward to ... im now a little work geek.
i reallly just wanna make enough tips so i can buy the leather jacket in topshop.

anyway im going to bedd.  going to uni like SO EARLY tomorrow since ive got about 2797398839 things to dooo

goodnight xo

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