i am back.

feels like i havent blogged in forever. seems like i just havent had the time. ive started uni YAY and ive made friends..i seem to be on top of my work so hey things seems pretty good right now.
last week my boyfriends family went to gran canaria so I stayed at his...  another reason for not blogging. i watched so much TV mostly big brother and the inbetweeners, got quite alot of work done but it was so nice to just chill together. felt like we lived together

Ive bought the Canon DSLR 1000D i really love it!

i love mycamera :D

monday my university work is being assessed so this week i will be doing alot of work but i really want to try and get back into blogging on a regular basis. next week i wont be at uni much so loads of exhibition days planned so lots of photos. hopefully.

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LoveFayexoxo said...

this is my dream camera! you look gorgeousss!!!


LoveFaye xoxo