if you wanna knowww.

1. my new jacket topshop £58 2. shirt: select. 3. Sally Hansen hard as nails. 4&5. dress: new look£25

had a nice day off uni and work today. went to birmingham city centre with my little sister. shes been looking for a job, she had three interviews last week and has handed out loads more CV's today i think its definatly getting harder for people at college.

i bought the jacket. if you read my blog you WILL know what im talking about as its all ive spoke about for like 2 weeks. i loveeee it:D

i bought this sally hansen nail hardener. ive just put a coat on and i can already feel the difference its so good it tells you to put two coats on so im already very pleased with this

also bought this pretty little lace number from new look. i actually bought this burghundy blazer/kimono thing that once i brought it home i hated. it was in the sale so i had to exchange it... so i bought this dress. at £25 its very nice and i think will be easy to wear through winter

going to watch paranormal activity tomorrow ooo scareddd.

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LoveFayexoxo said...

your so pretty!!
and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!! Reminds me of Alexa Chung.. <3


LoveFaye xoxo