exam time..

as most of you know right now is exam period.
for me this is my final chance... if i want to go to birmingham uni i have to get my C's in history and English and an A in art, i understand i have set myself high goals. this will be a difficult time but i need to get these grades.
exam 1 out of 4 was today. My russia history exammm, im confident... i need my C and i tryed the hardest i could.
i have been buyingg to much stuff lol.
went for a little mooch around the shops with jadee today, took advantage of her discount in internationale.

i have been spending so much time revising. even when im with dan ive been revsising... tomorrow is my day off im going to the cinema and having a good time.. really want to watch the new pirates of the carribean film. i do love abit of jack sparrow ;D

phoned my insurance company, i still have over a week to wait before i hear anything about my phone :'( whyy did i drop it down the loo. :'(

its 9.00pm and im seriously considering going to sleep. im so tired.

; internationale £16.99

internationale £19.99

again (as above)

primark £8

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