the music that we play...

went to watch the new pirates of the caribean film today, oh how i love those pirate films ;)
wore my new outfit today, the one i bought yesterday,i believe it went down well... got a few compliments. i have alot of revision to do but today i have given myself a day off, but it just means ive got to spend all weekend with my head in the books. been looking at alot! of blogs recently, its so good because i get alot of outfit ideas but then i spend moneyy ahh.
ive decided for dans 21st im going to get him things that he needs... shoes tops aftershave. :)

thats a bit of weight off my shoulders becuase ive been worrying about what to get him.

ive just put loads of albums on my ipod... ive been listening to wayyy to much katy perry lol.
oh and now ive become obsessed with buying fashion magazines, it used to be one or two a week. ive bought three magazines today haha.
'look' 'more' and 'company'
i really like look and more because they give you loads of really cheap high street shops clothing, and they actually make alot of cheaper clothes look expensive, and to be honest im not really a fan of the whole aztec fashion therefore i dont intend on spending loads of money on clothes right now ( hmm i spent loadsss yesterday haha)
this weeks 'more' has an interview with lady gaga.. i love her again right noww :D:D

hmm well ive wrote a rather lengthy post todayy..
i dont even know if people like my postsss lol.
need some more folllowers

i enjoy writing :)

xx x xxxx

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