let it blow away . . . .

dress; topshop cardigan; newlook necklace; 18th birthday pressie from nanny nail varnish ; coral Barry M

its half term... you know what that means

Im a full time worker for a week lol
:'( i hateeeee school holidays for the simple fact that all families think lets bring our 34o333 kids to pizza hut and do amy's head it :@
haha its not that baddd.


i havent blogged in a while due to work and just other social events..
i need to be doing some college work over the holiday...

ive been shopping todayy since my holiday is like 4 weeks away. tbh i have loads of clothes from last year and just in general that i will be taking with me but i just bought a few things
i bought a maxi dress :o im so short therefore i thought a maxi dress would drown me but i love it... its from the apricot range in new look, its black and has an elasticated bit in the middle.. im sure ill post a photoo soon
i also bought some shorts, a bikini, a dress and a top

my new look delivery came today.. nothing for me though, daniels birthday is next thursday therefore ive treated him to some new clothes, cant post anymore on the subject incase he reads this lol ;)

im just really excited for my holiday
need to buy some wedge heels and then its just toiletries to get

i need some shoes for my leavers ball.

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