The cost of living rises are hitting us all across the board. One of the prices that many people are expecting surges in is the cost of fuel. In particular, as winter comes, people are concerned about how affordable it will be to heat the home. Some people will reach a crisis point, and here are a few tips that can help you ensure that you’re not one of them. You can reduce your heating bills without needing to freeze.

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Service your heating systems

If you’re using a boiler or gas heating, then it’s important to make sure that you sort out any repairs or fix any issues that have been affecting its performance. More than that, you should get preventative and look at getting your heating appliances serviced at least once a year. Even if there are no lurking issues to fix, you can make sure that they stay as efficient as possible.

Banish those cold walls

If your walls or floors are cold to the touch, even if you’ve only just had the heating on, then it’s a good sign that your home isn’t well-insulated enough. See if you can get any financial assistance in insulating your home thoroughly. Make sure that you make efforts and close any air gaps in your windows, as well, which can do as much to let the heating escape as an uninsulated wall or roof.

Go old school with your heating

If you have a wood fire in your home, then this winter might be the time to make use of it. While fuel prices might be skyrocketing, wood prices aren’t seeing the same hikes. Installing wood heaters in the home tends to be more cost-effective at the best of times, but it could be even truer this year. Think about whether you should make the investment now to save in the future.

Get smart with your heating

If you are using central heating instead of wood or space heaters, then you could save money by making sure that you’re controlling them more effectively. With a room thermostat, you can program your heating system to make sure that it’s not on any more than it needs to be, adjusting it to your needs day by day. Smart thermostats can even adjust themselves automatically or be adjusted remotely.

Make use of heating pads

One under-utilized tool that can help you keep warm is the microwaveable heating pad. You might have heard already, but microwaves are some of the most cost-effective ways to prepare food, and the same goes for heating. Heating pads retain heat for a long time, and microwaving them doesn’t cost as much. You can snuggle up with a pad under your blanket and you might not even need to put the heating on in the home.

The tips above will help, but you should always keep an eye out for other ways you can improve the heating efficiency of the home. We’re facing a potential heating crisis like we haven’t seen for decades.

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