It doesn’t matter where you look, you will always see that life is hard. The cost of living is going up, the energy crisis is terrible right now, people are finding it difficult to manage the 9-to-5 on a five day work week, so much so there are plans to roll out a four day work week. We all have our ups and downs in life and life is always said to not be easy – so why can’t we make it easy? Why can’t we make things cheaper? 

Life is for living not existing, and it’s quite depressing to spend time working, eating and sleeping and not doing anything fun in between. We should be able to go and buy used cars when we need them or book a holiday because we are exhausted. As much as possible, you need to make every day life as easy as possible and we’ve got some tips to help you to do it.

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  • Get yourself into a good routine. The key to ease in your everyday life is a routine. From waking up at the same time every day to having a solid routine for your food and your work, you’ll be able to fit in time for the gym, your family and friends and even medical appointments. What constitutes a good routine will vary from person to person, but most people like to start the day with a period of relaxation or by movement. As long as you can get yourself into a good routine you can make the day feel good from the moment you wake up.

  • Create an emphasis on self-care. At least 30 minutes every single day should be focused on just your needs, and this is because we all lead such busy lives. It’s easy to put your needs and your what’s on the back burner, if you take that time to focus on making yourself feel good this should not be negotiable. Your life will be happier and healthier and follow stressful as a result when you do it

  • Use a planner. From a large calendar on the wall to notebooks with planning pages, having a visual reminder of what you need to do is a good way to ensure that you are more organized every day. When you know what’s coming up next, you can better plan your times so that you don’t have to rush anything you do. This means you will be much less stressed out by various things.

  • Comparison is the thief of joy. If you want every day life to be easy when you have to make it easy on yourself and that means no longer comparing yourself to other people. Social media has made this very difficult for us as it’s easy to compare our bodies, our jobs and our homes with thousands of other people that you don’t even know. Switch it off, delete apps and start focusing on your life and what you do with it rather than what everybody else is doing around you. You will be happy as a result.

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