LIFESTYLE: Simple Self Care Tips For New Mothers



Being a new mother is a beautiful experience, but it can also be pretty stressful. To ease those stressful moments you’ll need lots of self-care tips. All of these tips are both effective and super simple.

1 . Rest is crucial

When you’ve just had a baby rest is absolutely essential, your body needs time to recover and heal. That’s all well and good but it can be tricky when your baby is keeping you up half the night! If you can, sleep when your newborn is sleeping. Doing so can help you to get back some of those hours you missed during the night. It can be useful to purchase some black-out curtains, so you can sleep easier during daylight hours. Sleep apps can also be helpful to get some shut-eye.

If you can’t get any sleep in the day, at least practice restful activities with your little one. For example, you might want to lay down with your baby and listen to some relaxing music.

2. Plenty of healthy foods

Getting the basics right is a vital self-care step. You’ll want to eat plenty of healthy foods from nutritious veggies to rich whole grains and healthy proteins. Focus on foods that boost the mood including fatty fish, oats, and berries. Eat to keep your immune system strong, and challenge yourself to up your vegetable intake. 

Equally, allow yourself tasty treats now and then, when we eat our favourite foods this gives our endorphin levels a great boost!

3. Be realistic 

After you’ve given birth you’ll need to be kind to yourself, you should avoid being overly critical and ensure that you set realistic expectations. Before you fell pregnant you might have been used to being more productive. Don’t expect to feel fully energised and recovered immediately. You should set yourself realistic goals about what you can do each day. At this stage, it’s all about small steps.

4. Get support

Never be afraid to ask others for help, being a new mother is hard and it’s okay to lean on others. Ask your friends and family for support. If you lack a support network consider joining parenting groups for new mothers. Often, community groups can be a great source of support. From pregnancy tips to advice after you’ve given birth, mothers' communities are a lovely space to share knowledge.

5. Meditation 

When you need to relax, meditation can be the perfect activity. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do, simply download a mediation app and follow the guidelines. There are plenty of meditation apps that you can choose from including Mediatopia, HeadSpace, and Buddhify.

6. Activities that bring you joy 

Looking after yourself is about practicing small activities that bring you joy. You might not have lots of free time, but a quick fifteen minutes is better than nothing. Take a micro-self care moment each day, you might like to dance to your favorite songs, take a walk or write in a journal. Set aside extra time in the week for a longer self-care session.

New mums have lots to organise, from decorating the baby’s room to shopping for healthy and nutritious foods. It’s important to ask for help, allowing you more time to focus on your self-care. If you are looking for top-quality baby supplies Foryourlittleone has everything you need.

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