LIFESTYLE: Adding Some More Convenience To Your Home

 To be truly convenient, a home needs to be functional. The clutter needs to be cleared away, your rooms need to both look nice and feel nice, and your home really must be the nicest place to be in your life. And when you add more convenience to your home, you up the value of the property by tenfold! But how can you make your home a more functional place, without compromising on your aesthetic, and making your living room feel like a building site? Here are a few ideas you might want to put to good use. 

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Build in a Utility Room

Utility rooms are one of the most useful additions a homeowner can make to their property. Maybe you’ve got a lot of storage needs on your hands, and you feel like you need a whole separate room to take care of all the mess? Well go ahead and build one!

A utility room doesn’t even have to be placed where your boiler already is; if you’ve got a cupboard under the stairs with it in, leave it there, and design your utility room somewhere else. Use it to keep your washing machine and dryer out of the way, and build in plenty of cupboards for miscellaneous storage. It’ll free up a lot of room elsewhere, particularly in bathrooms and the kitchen! 

Rethink Your Kitchen Layout

Speaking of, the way your kitchen is currently set out might be holding you back a little. Maybe the kitchen island is too big and gets in the way? Maybe the cupboards are at the wrong height? Maybe the stove itself slants a little? No matter what you dislike about your kitchen, rethinking the design could go a long way to improving the function of your house as a whole. 

So sit down and draw out your kitchen, and think about the ways this layout doesn’t work. Refine it, and move things around until you’re happy with the way it looks, and then consider getting your kitchen redone. If you come up with a design of your own that you really, really like, you can use Bespoke Kitchens services to make this dream become a reality. No cookie cutter mold kitchen for you! 

Add in Another Bathroom

Do you have an upstairs bathroom? Do you have a downstairs bathroom? Do you have both? Either way, maybe it’s time to build another bathroom? Most people tend to go for a simple WC downstairs somewhere - this allows a better flow of traffic throughout the house, as if someone is showering upstairs, you can quickly use the facilities downstairs.

This is also great for big families, and if you like to have guests around a lot. If there’s another bathroom to use downstairs, then you’ve only got one room to clean up when everyone goes home! 

Your home can be made much more convenient with a few simple additions here and there. If you’ve got the budget, go wild with it!

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