Home comfort

Preparing for storms creates a lot of uncertainty and tension in a family. Storms are scary for everyone, not just the kids. 

As you start to think of covering every eventuality to protect your home, it’s easy to forget about home comforts. From cutting the trees to preparing bags in the case of evacuation; feelings of fear can overwhelm you pretty fast. It’s understandable. However, looking out for each other as a family in storm season makes everything a little easier. 

Start making your comfortable safe space and get everyone involved to find comfort in the fear of storm season.

Start off with these simple yet comforting suggestions: 

Games, Games, Games

When preparing for the storm, think of some family-orientated activities to see you through the worst it. From board games to charades and cards; making a storm into a time for family bonding is a great way to ease the tension. 

To get the kids involved with storm preparation, let them choose the games and put them into a safe space. This is a great way to keep them busy while you prepare the more serious things such as the hurricane shutters. As they are getting ready to, it will help them to understand what is happening. By focusing the attention away from the storm with games, the feelings of fear will not disappear but it will distract everyone with a little fun!

Comfort Foods

Let medicine be food! 

While canned goods are always essential, cooking family favourites and storing them is a great way to find a little peace of mind as the storm begins. Homemade food is one of the greatest comforts! 

To get the kids involved, teach them how to prepare food during storms so that they know what to do. Cooking together is both rewarding and a great family bonding time while you prepare.

When thinking about stock-piling, think of healthy, nutritious foods first. Healthy snacks like dried fruits and nuts keep for long periods of time.

Emotional Check-Ins

Storms take an emotional toll on everyone in the family home. 

Before, during, and after storms hit, you can do an emotional check-in with all of the family. This can be in secret where everyone writes their emotions down on paper and puts them in a box or more open in a sharing circle where these emotions are said out loud. You can prepare blankets and pillows as home comforts to make them feel cosier.

If your children are not willing to take part, having some time one-on-one to talk about it is a great way to connect, check-in, and share feelings. Remember to share yours too. 

Storms can bring families closer together. The great home comfort during this season will be looking out for each other, trying to keep spirits high, and getting through the challenge as a family unit. With these simple yet powerful suggestions, you’ll find the next storm season a chance to bond.

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