Waste has always been a problem, but in recent years, as the landfills fill up and there is no more room for any trash, it’s becoming a much bigger issue. Yet we can’t keep hold of everything; without decluttering and throwing items out, our homes would be overrun by things we no longer need but that we don’t know what to do with. 


What is the solution? The answer is recycling. You don’t have to keep hold of everything you own forever, but neither do you have to throw it out and contribute to the waste problem the world is experiencing. What you could do instead is recycle as much as possible. In this way, you can be responsible and enjoy your home. Here are some great recycling tips so you can get started. 


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Have A Recycling System

To ensure that you are recycling as much as you can in your home, it’s good to have a recycling system in place to follow. This might mean having smaller recycling bins inside the house, which you can then empty into the larger containers that are usually kept outside. This will help to remind you that recycling needs to be done every day. 


You might also have a list of items that can and can’t be recycled posted near these bins. Remember, if you put one thing that can’t be recycled into a bin of recycled waste, everything then has to go to a landfill. 


When it comes to the larger items, one great way to have a good system in place is to empty each room entirely, one at a time. This includes the furniture and anything else you can move. Store everything in a secure storage locker, and only bring back the items you need. By the time you’re done with the property, you’ll have a storage locker full of items you can sell or recycle or even give away, and your home will be much more comfortable for it. 


Extend Your Mindset

Most people are getting good at understanding that they need to recycle paper, plastic, tin cans, and other similar waste. But what we’re not so sure about is all the other items in our homes. This could include clothing, shoes, and furniture. To be able to prevent as many of these items from going into the trash as possible, we have to know how they can be recycled. It’s not as though we can put these items out with the standard garbage to be collected during the weekly routine. 


What you can do is, as we’ve said above, collect everything in your storage locker so that it’s out of the house. Once you have enough items there, you can organize a sale or put everything online so that you can sell it digitally. Either way, if you can make money from the items you no longer want, that has to be a positive thing. Something else you can do is offer the items for free if you prefer; they will undoubtedly be out of your life much more quickly and could help someone out, whether they need the things for their own homes, or they plan to upcycle them and sell them on, at least they aren’t going to landfill. 

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