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It has never been as crucial as it is today to evaluate our lifestyle and try to reduce the impact it has on the environment. And, what better place to start than the heart of the house? Our kitchens are the place where the household gathers and memories are made, and you should ensure that it perfectly fits your lifestyle and everyday needs. When it comes down to making a kitchen more sustainable, many homeowners are intimidated by how much a renovation can cost. At the same time, it is possible to reduce your waste and make your kitchen greener in just a few simple steps - check out some budget options below!

Let Nature In

When at home, we all use to spend a lot of our time in the kitchen eating, chatting, snacking, or even working! And, we always tend to use heating, electricity, and gas. Letting nature can hel[p you reduce your consumption of energy and resources - which can lower your monthly bills and make the kitchen a healthier place to live during the day! You can do all this by letting nature in the kitchen space with a few details. Start by removing the curtains and allowing in as much natural light as possible. Think about keeping the air quality in the kitchen high by opening the windows often during the day or while cooking. Lastly, don’t cut back on plants and natural materials such as wood and bamboo.

Make Sure Your Appliances Are Still Efficient

Your kitchen appliances are the most energy-consuming ones in your home. While they can last for over 20 years with the right maintenance, you should consider testing their efficiency every year. Specialised companies such as Melbourne Fridgeworks will be able to audit your appliances and check whether these are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. In some cases, you should consider upgrading your fridge, oven, or dishwasher in order to reduce energy consumption and save more!

Use Plastic-Free and More Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability always starts with the choices you make at the supermarket! You can make your kitchen much greener and eco-friendly by only picking products that are natural and plastic-free. For example, you might opt for dishwashing liquid and cleaning products that are free of any chemicals. Additionally, when shopping for plates, glasses, and cutlery, you might opt for high-quality pieces that don’t contain plastic and will last for years. Of course, you should always steer clear of any single-use product that might considerably affect your kitchen’s sustainability. 

If you have items that inevitably come with plastic or packaging, make sure you have an efficient recycling system in place to dispose of your waste appropriately. 

Shop at Zero-Waste Stores and Local Market

The stores and shops you support can impact your sustainability. Opting to only shop at zero-waste, package-free, or local stores can help you support the local economy while also reducing your environmental waste. Additionally, while it might seem like more effort at first, you could consider shopping at the local farmers market. This lifestyle choice has many benefits, including getting access to fresh and seasonal produce and supporting the local communities. 

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