We all want our homes to look as beautiful as possible. But of course, how we achieve that goal can sometimes be a bit of a mystery, especially if we don’t have that much experience when it comes to interior design. If you find yourself in that boat, then here’s a little trick for you -- look at adding a focal point to your rooms. A focal point is the element of the room where the eyes travel to first and can help to give even the most basic of rooms “the wow factor.” 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common focal point selections. 

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A Work of Art

In our opinion, not enough people make the most of all that a work of art can bring to a room. In a living room, all eyes seem to go to the television, but that’s just a blank screen. A work of art is a conversation starter, interesting, and, provided that you’ve bought a good piece, pretty darn beautiful too. If you’ve never bought art for your home before, then fear not -- it’s easy enough. The key is to buy something unique that you like. If you trust your taste, then it’ll be a great focal point!

Big Window Space 

The focal point doesn’t necessarily need to be something that’s sitting inside your property. It can be the natural world! If you have a big window space, then why not let the view do the talking? Of course, you’ll need to live somewhere beautiful for this to work. It won’t be a good focal point if it’s just pointing out to the street. But if there’s a lake, field, or another scenic view to hand, then it’ll make a big impression.


The focal doesn’t necessarily have to be an item that you buy specifically to be a focal point. It can be an element of the infrastructure of the room. These elements primarily have a separate function but can also be used to make a standout contribution to the aesthetics of the room. Take a fireplace, for instance; it’ll keep you warm, but it’ll also make a big impression. If you don’t have a fireplace in the room where you want a focal point, then look at electric fires that look like real fires. Other infrastructure focal points include exposed brick walls, a bold lighting fixture, or a shelving unit stacked with books.

Large Furniture

Another option is to look at adding a bold piece of furniture to your living room. This can work extremely well, no matter what type of decor you’ve opted for for your property. For instance, if you’ve gone for modern decor, then you could look at adding a vintage standalone chair to the room. It’ll primarily provide a functional use, but you’ll also find that all eyes are drawn to the standout item when you enter the room. Take a tour of local vintage or antique markets and see what you can find.

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