LIFESTYLE: How to Stay Healthy While Working a Full-time Job

 How to Stay Healthy While Working a Full-time Job

Staying fit and healthy can feel like a burden when you have a full-time job. After a stressful day in the office, you probably don't feel like lighting your stove to put together dinner, let alone hit the treadmill or gym. According to statistics, physical inactivity is responsible for one in every six deaths in the UK, with an estimated cost of £7.4 billion every year. With the current lockdown and restrictions due to the pandemic, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. Here are four proven ways to stay on top of your health while working full-time.

  1. Start your day early

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As the famous saying goes, the early bird gets the best worms; you can apply this in your daily routine as well. Several pieces of research have proven that the most successful people are those who get up early. Waking up early to start your day plays a key role in how fulfilling your day is. However, starting right begins from the previous night. Ensure to get enough sleep, at least eight hours; to rise early, odds are you'll have to take an early bed to get a decent night's sleep

  1. Skip the gym 

Hitting the gym every morning can feel like too much work. While an early morning exercise has great physical and mental benefits, there are other exciting ways to keep fit without having to deal with frequently putting off your gym time. You can consider biking to work, a weekend hike, or join the recreational football team with your friends. It's harder to stay away from practice when it's planned with others. Furthermore, you’re almost certain to engage in something you enjoy doing and most likely not realize the work that comes with it. 

  1. Share responsibilities with your partner 

It’s fundamental to establish clear jobs, duties, and expectations in your home. You may take up some jobs in the home while your spouse also takes responsibility for others. One may cook on certain days while the other does the cleaning after dinner. However, there are days when your spouse may not be available, which can prove a headache, particularly when you’re remote working. Combining home and work duties have proven difficult for several people, especially when there are kids involved. Fortunately, companies such as Shiply can help with easing some tasks such as searching for a budget-friendly courier, so you can focus on other jobs. 

  1. Plan your weekday meals 

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Planning your meals reduces pressure and anxiety when having to prepare meals. It’s common to find yourself contemplating what to have for dinner during lunchtime. It’s, therefore, advisable to make plans to reduce the extra pressure associated with preparing your meals. Planning your weekday meals during the weekend means you can complete your grocery shopping before the weekday pressure sets in. If you live with a spouse, you can get tech-savvy by creating a Google drive to share your grocery lists, meaning either of you two can take up the responsibility of shopping without necessarily having to call the other during working hours.

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