What is the first thing you do when you wake up? For many women, the answer is a step-by-step beauty routine that can take up way too much of the morning. If you’re spending an hour getting ready in front of that mirror, it can really start to grind on you. However, we all want to be confident in how we look. As such, what can you do to make your mornings a lot less stressful while still making sure that you give yourself the kind of care that you deserve? Here are some tips to make sure that your morning beauty routine isn’t an ever-lasting endeavour, but something you can get out of the way quickly.

From finding the ways to save a little time in the mornings to giving yourself a longer-lasting solution that can straight up reduces what you have to do each morning, here are some ways to get around the grind that a woman’s daily beauty routine can easily become.

Some of the things you do each morning might not be as essential as you think
The first thing that’s worth doing is looking at any steps or processes that you can get rid of entirely. For instance, a lot of people spend a lot more time cleansing their face than they really need to. You might want to get rid of the oils on your face, but cleaning them out too thoroughly can end up dehydrating your skin and leaving it more open to pimples. We’re not suggesting you skip cleaning your face, of course, but you can cut out some of the heavy cleansers and stick to water and skin-friendly soap. 

Similarly, instead of washing your hair each and every morning, you can consider using dry shampoos that have much the same impact. Look at your skincare products to make sure that you’re not accidentally doubling-up on certain steps of the routine, as well.

Get organized about how you tackle your morning routine
Not only should you look at what, specifically, but you’re also doing during your morning routine. You should also be looking at how you’re doing at as well. In particular, by rearranging your products and how you access them, you can find that the whole process becomes a lot more streamlined.

For instance, if you open up your bathroom mirror or look at your countertop to find a glut of products staring back at you, all mixed together, then you can find that it can take just as much time to find products as it does to use them. However, there are a bunch of bathroom organisers that can help you put everything in a place that’s much easier to memorise and quickly turn to when you need it. Make sure that you identify the products that you use on a daily basis or more regularly and put them front and centre so it’s always easy to grab them.

Find one that can do both for you
How many products do you have in your bathroom cabinet? How many do you actually need? We’ve already talked about getting rid of products that “double down” on certain benefits that others offer. To that end, you should be looking at products that can do two or more things for you at the same time, as well  There are a lot of products that are specifically designed to be a “two-in-one” multitasking solution. However, there are also ways to make better use of products that you own. For instance, a lot of keratin-infused scalp tonics can also be very good at helping polish and strengthen your nails. Similarly, a lot of women are great at using mascara as an eyeshadow instead of having to buy both. If you learn to multitask or simply find more uses for the products that you have, it will save you time, save you space in your cabinet, and even save you money.

Choose the longer-lasting solution
When it comes to things like your anti-ageing products, you could actually save yourself a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror simply by choosing a solution that lasts much longer. By opting for a treatment that has a longer lifespan, you can cut entire steps out of your daily routine. For instance, a facelift, botox or dermal filler can mean that you spend a lot less time using anti-ageing products in front of the bathroom mirror. However, it’s not only in the realm of anti-ageing processes that this tip works, as well.

If you find that taking care of your hair is becoming more and more time-consuming, then you may also want to look at the possibility of getting a shorter or low-maintenance haircut. Simply put, if you have less hair to take care, then you’re also going to spend less time taking care of it. It really is that simple.

Get a tool that does it for you
The idea of getting a specific tool of appliance that helps save you time and energy during your beauty routine is not a new idea to most women, by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is wise to ensure that you’re getting the tools that are most suited to the job and are likely to be reliable and to work without too much maintenance over time.

When it comes to getting appliances that help with your beauty routine, then don’t simply pick the first or cheapest thing that comes your way. You can spend a lot more time struggling with the device to get it working than actually using it. Make sure you look up reviews for the best electric shavers or whatever product you might be looking for before investing.

Hopefully, the tips above help you see a few ways to save a lot of time during your morning beauty routine. We all like to look our best and feel confident, but many of us can only withstand the grind for so long. Find a way or two to cut it down and you’ll be much happier.

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