I thought i'd do a little update about how we are getting on during lockdown. I did a post right at the start even before lockdown with a little update. In my last update Clint had been laid off temporarily, he's now been furloughed so will be getting 80% of his wage which is good, i've since then also been furloughed, I was working from home but it's difficult to do that as a receptionist and my company has now been forced to make cuts where they can. I have been trying to be more productive and positive but it can be really difficult to self motivate yourself during times like these. I have been making more effort to get up and get dressed, i've also been having a daily power walk by myself and i'm finding having a little time to myself is really helping. We live in an apartment so we don't have a garden so we was taking Amelia for a walk around our building but this wasn't enough excercise for me and I haven't felt great so going for a walk alone has really helped. We have been doing loads of crafts and  baking but this is getting abit boring now. I want to try and find some more things that we can do to stimulate Amelia. We have also been potty training during lockdown and Amelia has taken to it really well, we've only had a couple of accidents, usually when she's playing and gets distracted. She's been using a potty but we've bought her a toilet seat too now and she's been using it really well.

That's everything really, not much to report over the last few weeks. I want to get back into blogging so hopefully there will be some more posts coming soon... I ordered a few bits from The Ordinary so I will review them soon and i'm expecting a few bits for product reviews so I should be back up and running soon...

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