It might be hard to believe that all of the planning you did for nursery and toddler room ideas has come to this; your little one isn’t so little anymore! 

Whether they’ve been requesting a new look for their room or you just know it’s time for a more age-appropriate change, your child should always be able to look at their bedroom as a place of safety and comfort. It should also reflect their interests and be somewhere they enjoy spending time. 

Now might be the best time to finally take the plunge and change things up, since most of us are stuck at home! So, how can you easily transition your little one’s bedroom into something that fits better with their age? 

Let’s look at three easy tips that can make a big difference. 

1. Make Room For a “Big Kid” Bed

Perhaps the biggest change you’ll need to make in your child’s new room is switching out their bed. If they’ve been in a crib, you can gradually change it to a bed with a railing. Or, if they’ve already outgrown that, it might be time to switch to a normal, adult-sized bed. 

Keep in mind that there isn’t a set time for when your child should stop sleeping in a crib. Some children can switch to a bigger bed before they’re two, while for others, they may not switch until they’re over 3. You know your child better than anyone, and you’ll know when they’re ready. 

2. Find a Functional Dresser

Up until now, you may have had a small dresser in your child’s bedroom with a changing table on top. Whether they’re fully potty trained or not, it’s time to swap it out for something more functional - a more permanent dresser that they can use to store their clothing. 

It’s a good idea to choose a dresser that isn’t too “child-like” in the way it looks. That way, it will still be appropriate as they get older, and you won’t have to keep purchasing furniture. 

3. Create a Space for Play

You might consider removing some things from your child’s room that won’t get a lot of use anymore, such as a rocking chair, and replacing it with an open space to play. Or, if your child likes to read, create a small reading nook where they can relax and enjoy their favorite books. Making the most of the space in the room will give them the opportunity to do the things they love. 

Don’t be afraid to let your little one be a part of the process as you make changes in their room. The more they feel as though they have a say, the more likely they are to actually enjoy their new space and want to spend time there. 

While it isn’t always easy to let go of the adorable nursery items you decorated their room with even before your child was born, it can be exciting to watch them grow, develop their own personality and interests, and know that you get to experience all of that with them! Have fun with this room transition, and don’t forget to take pictures so you can document it for your child’s baby book or another keepsake item.

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