I was recently sent a few bits from http://www.thecoffeemate.co.uk, if you haven't heard of them then be sure to check them out for all of you coffee related needs! They stock everything you need from Coffee to Coffee Machines, cups and much more...

I thought i'd share the bits i've been sent and my first impressions!

First up we have been sent The Ground Coffee Set Café Liégeois, this is a fab little set as you get three different types of coffee so you can try it and choose your favourites. The set includes a good variety of strengths so there is something to suit every coffee lover. If your looking to purchase ground coffee and your not sure what to go for then i'd recommend this set. 

Next up is the Thermo Cup Asobu Diva V600, I got it in this gorgeous pink colour! I'm in love with it. I've used it quite a few times now. It's perfect for on the go! It fits into any bag with ease as its a great size! It's not too big, I fit a big cath kidston mug of tea/coffee into it. It keeps your drink super hot all day long!! I've used it when i've been at events for the day and i've used it when i've taken Amelia to the park it's just super handy if you want to bring a drink out with you from home. It fits in all cup holders! The flip open neck is a lovely feature and the design of the lip makes it super easy to drink from on the go! I really can't fault this cup it's fab!! 

Next is the Thermo cup Asobu 'Le Baton Copper' which is another beautiful travel mug. This is more your normal flask design. The copper lid lovely and very on trend. It's spill proof and will keep your drinks at temperature for up to 8 hours which is perfect for everyday. 

Finally if the water bottle Asobu 'Flavour U See Gold' This is a really stunning water bottle. I get soooo many compliments on it at work! I love that you can add fruit to your water without getting all the bitty/pulpy bits in your drink. The separate section for your fruit is a great design feature. You don't have to add fruit if you don't want to, it works great without! The gold design is gorgeous and really eye-catching with the glass window in the middle. This is also spill proof so perfect for everyday! It keeps your water cool for 12 hours!! 

I'm super happy with my new bottles, they are all fab! We are going away in a couple of weeks and these will be perfect for the long drive!! We can keep our drinks nice and hot and water nice and cold for the journey! 

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