I have to say I love a nude lipstick, I didn't really like them before but after everyone raving on about Mac Velvet Teddy I wanted to get my hands on it. At the time it was pretty much sold out everywhere and I managed to pick it up when I went to America. On the search for a Velvet Teddy Look-alike I bought quite a few nude lipsticks. I have more than the ones featured in this blog post but these are my favourites.

Mac Velvet Teddy has to be the one, it's my all time favourite. I managed to find it in Duty Free on my way home from America and I love it so much. It's my go to shade, I wear it all the time and it's my favourite lipstick.  I love that it's Matte but not drying, its creamy and lasts long. It's just perfect.

Mac Brave, is a little bit more of a pinky shade rather than a brown/ nude and it's a satin finish so quite different to Velvet Teddy but I like the colour. I think it's a very pretty shade and I don't mind the finish. The Satin mac lipsticks are nice and not too glossy or wet they are a nice smooth and sleek finish.

Mac Taupe is a darker more brown shade than Velvet Teddy, it is a Matte lipstick so it's more of a similar finish but the colour isn't as pretty. I like this for nights out as it's a darker sexier shade. Again a lovely finish, I really like Mac lipsticks incase you didn't notice.

Mac Blankety is an amplified lipstick and it's a lovely shade. It's a really nice more pink, girly shade. It's more shimmery than the others but again not wet or tacky. I really like this one.

The Nars lipsticks are really lovely and my favourite is Walkyrie which is a Velvet Matte shade. It's a brown / nude shade with a hint of red. It's a nice rich colour. The finish is lovely, it's a very soft matte, which leaves the lips smooth and not dry at all.

Finally on the search for a Velvet Teddy Dupe I came across this which is the Maybelline Color Drama Nude Pefection lipstick you can read my full review here with swatches but I really like this pencil. Again its a lovely shade and very similar texture, finish and colour to Velvet Teddy so check out

Velvet Teddy has to be my favourite Nude Lipstick, I need a new one as mine is nearly all gone. Whats your favourite Nude Lipstick? Do I need to try the nude Liquid Lipsticks I was thinking the NYX ones or the Kylie Lip kit ?

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