Hello 2016, I'm back and blogging again. I had a lovely Christmas and New Year and honestly it was so nice not blogging for a couple of weeks but now i'm back!  I thought i'd start with a review, I know i'm a little bit late to the Smoky palette hype, but I got it for Christmas and i've used it pretty much every day since! And it's as perfect as I thought it would be...

I have all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes and honestly they are so amazing, i'm always raving about them, I always recommend them to my friends, I think they are such great products and I think £38 for 12 shades is so good! I love the Original Naked palette the most because of my colouring browns and neutrals work better, they make me look warmer. Well that was before I got the Smoky Palette, I love it so much! It has everything you need!

The first four shades are shimmery shades, the first colour is a pink shade, 'High' and second is a gold shade 'Dirtysweet', these are gorgeous, such lovely pigments and colour payoff, as I said above this palette has everything! The next two shades are a brown 'Radar' and grey 'Armour', great for a subtle smoky eye, I use these in the crease! The brown looks amazing with the 'Dirtysweet' gold shade.

 'Slanted' is the 5th shade along which is a dark grey, it has a slight shimmer/ glitter, this is a lovely all over colour if your doing a really dark smoky eye or great in the crease for a lighter more subtle smoky eye.

The last 6 shades are more matte, I like using the matte shades to blend out my smoky eye or as an all over base colour. I've been using 'Black Market' loads this is a really dark black shade. ''Whiskey and Combust are neutral tones, a brown and a cream/nude shade, perfect for blending out or a base colour. ' Thirteen' is a perfect white matte shade. I use this on the brow bone to make any smoky eye stand out and pop!

Over all the Naked Smoky palette is amazing!   The shades are great and there's such a variety of shades that you could create so many different looks using this palette. I love the neutral shades in the palette aswell as the grey shades that you would usually associate with a smoky eye! The packaging is gorgeous, this is my favourite packaging out of all of the Naked palettes and the brush is so good! I love the fluffy end its amazing and the other end makes it easy to get into that crease and I love to apply shade along my lower lash line and this brush makes it so so easy!

You can get the Urban Decay Smoky Palette here on their website - Urban Decay
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