I'm just writing this blog post for me and as a little push for 2016, I did a similar post last year and I'm happy to say I feel I succeeded in 3 out of my 4 goals. 2015 was hard! I had alot going on at home and still have alot going on but 2015 was also freeeeking awsome!

- Florida, we went to Florida and did Universal, I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in Sephora. It was such a perfect trip. It was amazing spending time with Clint and we had the best time!

- Dublin, we went to Dublin for Clint's Birthday. We didn't know if we would be going away again this year after our trip to America as we spent loads but we managed to book Dublin. We had such a great trip. We did loads of sightseeing and had a great time!

-Ibiza, Ibiza was mental. It was so so amazing, Florida was obviously our best holiday but Ibiza wasn't far behind. We did a boat party, paint party, bar crawls, ocean beach club went to Amnesia. It was so crazy, we were there for my birthday which was amazing and went to Ibiza Rocks!

Also in 2015, two of our best friends got married and we had such a lovely time at their wedding, they went to Las Vegas on their honeymoon and I was just so happy to see them get married and this really was a highlight for me this year.

One of my goals for this year was to pass my driving test and I DID IT! I did my theory and my driving test, i failed my driving test first time but passed second time round. I'm so proud of myself because this is something I really wanted to do.

The best thing I have achieved this year was getting our own place, Clint and myself have been looking for awhile, we couldn't find something we were really happy with and when we did find somewhere we were either not picked or someone else got it first and we were struggling. We managed to find somewhere and it's seriously perfect. We are so so happy here and we managed to find a property which is close to work, and its part furnished so we didn't have to buy loads of appliances etc. It's seriously perfect, we've only been here just under 2 months but its home. I know we will be here for awhile.

Finally my goals for this year, I just want to be happy.
We will struggle this year because now we have our own place we have our own bills to pay etc so we won't be able to afford 3 holidays like last year but thats fine, we knew what we were signing up for. I hope we can save and go away somewhere even if its just for a few days.
I want to get somewhere with my teaching whether thats just applying again and getting some work experience or getting a teaching assistant job in a school, I'm ready to start my career now, my only issue is now I have bills to pay and a flat to keep on top of, but i'm going to be positive.
I really want to keep on top of my blog, one of last years goals was to improve my blog and photography, I feel my blog has grown but not as much as i'd hoped so this year I want to concentrate on the social media and SEO aspect of my blog.

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