A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch night of Lets Skate Solihull which has just opened in Mell Square. Solihull have their own little Christmas Market and have a indoor bar selling Christmassy drinks. It's a great night out with friends, you can go for an ice skate and then warm up with a hot chocolate and a hot dog. Its such a great night out! For me Birminghams Christmas Market is just too busy and because we live in solihull we could easily walk in or jump in a taxi meaning we can all have a drink and enjoy ourselves whereas we would have to pay loads for a taxi home or one of us would have to drive into Birmingham.

We had a great night at Lets Skate Solihull, for the launch night they had some great dancers on the ice. Clint and myself had a lovely skate around the ice, I think we could have done with one of the penguin support things but we managed and Clint only fell over once. 

Its such a great night out for the family or with your friends and its affordable with prices starting at £8 for kids and £11 for adults, there are some variations with prices during peak and off peak times but you can check out prices here on the website, they also offer £1 off for bid card holders and theres student discounts aswell. 

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