This festive season I am taking part in The Christmas Craft Challange in Collaboration with Viking. 
Here's a few fun crafty decorations that I made. These would be some really fun ideas for the festive season when the kids are on holiday and are bored. They also double up as keepsakes and little decorations for your tree. 

I found some really easy step by step youtube videos and blog posts online and found some really good simple decoration ideas. 
I made this Christmas tree and round bauble using paper, you can use coloured paper or plain white printer paper, they both look great! You just cut out the shape you like so for the Christmas tree you could cut out a tree shape, I did between 10-12 and then pile them together and fold in half and the staple them all together and fan them out and you get this really great 3D christmas tree. I did the same with the round bauble but I used two different coloured papers. You can then use a sharpie to add some patterns onto your decorations, if your using just white printer paper this will make your decorations really stand out, you can draw some baubles onto your christmas trees or write a name on your bauble. 

I also made traditional 2D snowflakes using white paper, I think these look so good stuck onto a window thoughout december. I found some really great patterns online which you can follow to get some really impressive snowflakes or you can just have some fun with it and randomly cut your own snowflakes. 

You can get some more inspiration over on the Viking website, click here to find out more about the #ChristmasCraftChallenge 

I'd love to see your christmas creations! 

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