Merry Christmas! I haven't blogged in over a week and it's been really lovely to spend time with my family. I hadn't planned on not blogging over Christmas but it's been really busy and I didn't want to stress myself out thinking about blogging. So hopefully over the next week or so things will start to pick up again. I've decided to put together a 'What I got for Christmas' post, i've seen lots of people talking about these kinds of posts over Twitter, i've really enjoyed seeing what everyone got for christmas. The presents that i've photographed above are my gifts from my boyfriend Clint. I got money off my parents and some cute bits and pieces such as a penguin charm for my bracelet, a new ikea unit, notebook and lots of chocolate, I also got a lovely jumper from River Island which i'd subtly pointed out to my mom. I also got gifts off Clints family such as jewellery, bath bombs and a gorgeous tea cup and saucer candle.

As we are going to Florida in March me and Clint decided to set a budget for Christmas, we decided £150. I hadn't asked for anything in particular so I had no idea what to expect. Clint got me some skincare bits, the Origins kit was on offer in Boots so I subtly sent Clint a link to that, I love that he got this gorgeous Liz Earle Gift set, I love my cleanse and polish, I have a bottle in my bathroom and one at Clints as its my favourite. I'm about to run out so this was a great gift! 
He got me the Nars Virtual Domination palette, this has been on a few of my wish lists on my blog. I just love Nars blushers! I love this!
I love my penguin, i've always loved penguins and I already have a little penguin teddy and now I have a big mommy one! He also got me a packet of penguins, I eat these all the time! 
I had the cutest moustache necklace and I've lost it, so Clint got me one to replace it
New girl season 3, its recently been released on dvd, i love it, he got me seasons 1 and 2 last year. 
I really wasn't expecting the No7 mirror, I had actually mentioned i'd wanted one for ages! 
We went into Victoria Secret before Christmas and had a little look around, I don't fit into their lingerie but they do some really cute pj's and smellies. The body sprays and lotions etc are on a offer which is buy 5 for £30, I picked these out and he wrapped them up for Christmas They smell amazing, I decided to have these instead of the big Soap and Glory gift. 
Finally my favourite present was my Olivia Burton watch, if you have me on instagram or twitter you may know I lovee Olivia Burton watches, I had two before Clint got me this one for Christmas. They are such classic watches but they are so quirky and cute. They started doing silver faced ones just before Christmas and I really wanted one! This mint one was perfect and i'd mentioned buying it a few times. Clint told me they were sold out everywhere but he managed to get one after alot of searching. I was so suprised, I really didn't expect it at all because we had set a budget I just thought he wouldn't want to spend half on a watch, he went over budget ALOT!

I had a really perfect Christmas with Clint and my family, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and feel free to comment with your Christmas blog posts or tweet them to me @amypyt

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daisychain said...

I love seeing what people got for Christmas! Your Olivia Burton watch is stunning x