I went along to a press event recently which was held as House of Fraser in Birmingham, It was actually the Help Harry Help Others Grotto Launch which i've blogged about here. I was asked if i'd like to try lash extensions by Benito and I jumped at the chance. I've never tried eyelash extensions before so I was really excited to give them ago.

First of all I had to remove my eye make up so i'd maybe recommend not wearing any eye make up if you do decide to have your lashes done. It was abit of a hassle taking all my make up off so if I was to ever get them done again i'd wear no make and maybe have a cheeky trip to the beauty counters to get my make up done ;)

Then they stuck a pad under my eye which they applied over my bottom lashes, i'm guessing this is to stop your lashes sticking together.

Next they started to apply the individual lashes which was surprisingly relaxing.  All together this took about 40 minutes. The lashes I went for were the Dramatic Lashes which last about 10 days. They are semi-permanent and would be ideal for a holiday or a special occasion like a prom or a wedding.

I think the after care is very important. You have to keep your lashes dry for 12 hours so the glue can set and you can't touch the lashes whilst they dry. You can't use any oil based products to remove your make up as this can cause the lashes to come loose. Also you shouldn't use mascara over the top.

I had the lashes on for about 3 days and then I had to have them taken off. They were amazing! I loved them, they looked so good. Unfortunately I was quite ill last week when I had the applied.  I had Laryngitis so my eyes kept streaming and I do feel like they dry aswell as they could have. I do think it depends on the aftercare and if you let them dry properly I think they could have lasted longer. The lashes did start to come loose after a couple of days but as I said I felt they didn't stick well because my eyes were so wet. The lashes didn't irritate me at all, I find my eyes can be sensitive but they were fine. I was surprised with how natural the lashes felt and how comfortable they were.

I would have them done again, I think they looked amazing. I think i'd maybe go for the natural lashes as they last longer and you can have more applied to keep them looking fresh and full. I think £45 isn't that bad for the dramatic lashes. They look so good and I had so many compliments. The natural lashes are £65 but as I said they last longer and easily maintained.

You can find out more here on the Benito website.

*I had these lashes applied for free, this review is truthful and honest, read my full disclaimer here 

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