Being a student you sometimes learn things the hard way! At uni your always on computers whether its for essays, research, maybe editing photos etc. As an art student I was always editing photos, researching artists for sketchbooks and in third year I had to write my dissertation. I had a Macbook air throughout uni which was really handy because its so thin, the only problem was the lack of storage, this is where an external hard drive comes in handy. You can use it to store work, documents, photos etc. Its portable aswell so you can plug it into other computers. I would use it to back up work I produced on the Uni computers because they can be temperamental and sometimes you can end up loosing work. It's good to back things up just in case. My Dissertation was backed up on my laptop, uni server, an external harddrive and a memory stick just incase.

Another great use for a portable hard drive is to generally back up photos and other important things off your laptop. I hate loosing photos, family photos and photos of my cats are really important to me and i've had occasions where my laptop has completely died and i've had to restore it loosing all my photos. Now I tend to back up my laptop every now and again to a hard drive so I don't loose anything.

This Samsung hard drive retails at about £45 which is really good for 1TB of storage. It's really easy to use and because it's USB 3.0 its really fast at transferring files.  The only problem with it is it comes with a short wire which is fine when i'm using it with my laptop but I don't have a DVD player in my room so sometimes I put films onto my hard drive to watch on my TV and I need a longer wire, these are easy to get hold of so i'll be ordering one soon.

Another thing to be careful with as a student is your actual laptop, phones and ipads. They are amazing and so handy to have as a student. As an art student myself I always use my laptop and ipad at uni to take photos of progress etc so insurance is another thing to look into! offer some really competitive prices

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