The AirMotion Hairbrush is a revolutionary multi-use hairbrush. Invented and designed in the UK. I won mine at the #FabbBirmingham event, they are avaliable on the AirMotion website for £11.95

The brush is designed to smooth and straighten your hair as you brush it. It removes frizz and easily distributes product throughout the hair. 

It's detangles the hair and doesn't hurt, its so gentle and easily brushes through all lengths.

It has a non-slip grip and is easy for both left and right handed people. 

My favourite thing about the AirMotion Pro is how easily it detangles my hair, i'm so lazy and hate brushing my hair. It's dry and hurts so bad when I brush through it. Not anymore, the AirMotion Pro is so easy to use. It's kind to my hair, I think they would be perfect for kids. 

I have a Tangle Teezer and they are similar, Tangle Teezers don't have the straightening or frizz free technology that the AirMotion has, also they long handle makes it easier and more precise when using. 

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