This is the first post in my Christmas gift guide series, I'm going to be putting together a gift guide for her, for him and a sister/ friend gift guide. These will be a mixture of beauty and non beauty products. There's also a few products I want to mention more in depth so I will feature these in individual posts. So first of all here's a few ideas and gifts I think will be great for the kids! There's a range of prices so theres a gift for any child. First of all I picked up these Go Create kits from Tesco, I picked up a Snack Tube Princess Desk Tidy one which you Recycle Tubes into Princess Turits and another one where you can turn bottles into pets, they were in the bargain corner for about £1 but you can pick them up at Tesco, they have Christmas ones and more expensive ones where you can make a bangle or a bag, perfect for any creative child.  Despicable ME is so popular with both boys and girls and is making a come back with their very own Minion film. This is a super cute squirty bath toy, you submirge the minion into water and squeeze him and water comes out of his mouth, I picked this up in Primark for £3, it will make a great little stocking filler. The personalised Nutella is great! It's perfect for all ages, even adults love abit of personalised Nutella. At £3.99 I think it's a really thoughtful gift for someone who likes Nutella and again at only £3.99 a great stocking filler for the kids, its avaliable in store at Selfridges You may have seen my blog post about the Smiggle event I went to recently, we were kindly gifted a few items and I've included a couple in this blog post. First of all the pin art star which is a great gift for all ages, its great for those creative and curious kids! At £10*it's again very affordable!

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Floral Danielle said...

Ooh I might have to order my sister (and myself) a personalised Nutella! :)