I went along to the Smiggle event at the Bullring yesterday. Smiggle is an Australian based stationary brand. I've never heard of Smiggle before but the store opened last week in Solihull so I have had a little look as I walk past to work. It's a really bright store and it's full with amazing colours! The product range is amazing, they stock everything from pens, pencil cases, gadgets, notebooks, diarys, literally everything. They do different things in different designs and colours. The store are always developing products and they have such a fast turnaround so they always have new products and designs coming out. My favourite products were the milkshake pencil cases ( picture below), the keyrings and the Advent Calender . The Advent Calender is such a good buy! Its £20 or 2 for £30 which is great if you have more than one child, inside is 25 stationary gifts! It's so much fun and so different. I think it would be great for teachers to have in their classrooms, you could let one child open a window and get a present throughout the month or buy if for your child /friends children.

The event was great, we got introduced to Smiggle and the chance to have a look around the new store. The staff were all really friendly and knew loads about the products and the brand.
The products are amazing, I love how much effort has gone into each product and how unique everything is. They have lots of unisex colour / styles which is great so there really is something for everyone! They have so many pens and gorgeous notebooks, ( i'm a stationary freak btw) which I think would be great for all ages! THEY HAVE SMELLY GEL PENS honestly I felt 12 again! I used to love using smelly gel pens in my school books because they smelled so good when you would open it! They have snake puzzles, basketball games and more gifts and gadgets that would be great for all age groups!

I had a great time at the event and love the brand, I know my teacher friends will love it! And my little cousins will love the goodies we were given at the event. I am putting together a Christmas Gift Guide and think there's so many amazing things at Smiggle that you could buy kids as gifts for christmas or birthdays! so I'll be sure to include those.

Find your nearest Smiggle store online here Smiggle UK Stores

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