As soon as I heard about flopZ I knew it would be massive. They are taking pre-orders right now and deliveries will start the end of may, perfect timing for those holidays. 

''What makes flopZ so unique is the massaging flopZgel which covers the insole. This clear textured layer treats your feet to a delicious massaging sensation whilst you walk, and the hardwearing clear gel keeps its shape whilst remaining fresh and new in appearance all year round.
Compact and cleverly packaged with their own bag protector flopZ are perfect for the jetsetter, girl about town and spa lover alike. Easily squeezed next to your luxury kaftan and one-piece flopZ are the holiday saviour which will take you perfectly from beach to bar.
Closer to home, console your holiday blues by using flopZ in your everyday lifestyle, perfect to pop into your handbag for when the great British sun comes out or when you book in that last minute pedicure. We all own and wear flip flops, now it’s time you owned a pair of flopZ.'' - flopZ website 

We all know that feeling when your flip flops start to hurt your feet from all that walking to and from the bar all day whilst your on holiday. Well that pain is no more- flopZ have designed an insole that massages the foot whilst you walk. I need to try a pair and see how this amazing idea works! 
I just wanted to share this great brand with you all and I hope you will be pre-ordering a pair, I want a pair so bad for my holidays in June. 

PREORDER HERE AT www.flopZ.co.uk  and use this code 3NBEGLKX8ON0 for free delivery (uk only) 

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