Don't worry fathers day isn't until june 15th but I wanted to get my gift guide up so you guys could get a few ideas what to buy your dads

I always get my dad the same old stuff aftershave, books etc. This year i'm not sure what I might go for, maybe a remote control car, he loves the helicopter we got him for christmas. 

Here theres a few bits and bobs that may give you an idea of what to get your dad. 

The Bluebeards Revenge is a company I haven't really heard much about before but they have some very unique products. You can get some lovely gift sets which would be a perfect gift this fathers day. I was sent The Bluebeards Revenge Eau De Toilette* which smells lovely, I gave it to Clint because its so nice and he loves it. I was also sent The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling moisturser* which I think is great for my dad as he uses his shaver and this can sometimes cause irritation. I'm loving the quality of packaging and products from The Bluebeards Revenge, visit their website here.  or buy from their stockists here http://www.shaving-shack.com/

The Real Shaving Company is another adition to this gift guide, they have some lovely gift sets which are perfect for fathers day. I love the packaging and the huge variety of products for men that they offer. I struggle to find a good variety of products when i'm shopping for my dad or Clint however I will always go to The Real Shaving Company now as they do everything from shave cream,* moistursers*  to face scrubs* as very reasonable prices. You can buy them online here. 

I think this lovely Champneys Sports Therapy Moisturising set* from Champneys is a great gift idea for fathers day. Again its a nice set for those who struggle to find skincare for the men in your life. I really like this set, it looks really expensive and at only £15.50 its also a good value for money. You can buy it here on the boots website. 

If your after gadgets like this Helicopter or Lasers check out Hawkins Bazaar they have loads of fun, unique things to choose from. Theres loads of things I could buy my dad as he's a big kid who loves his gadgets. I also like this polo shirt from http://www.guidelondon.co.uk/ they do a variety of different shirts and polo shirts so theres loads of choice and i'm sure you would find something that would suit your dad. 

I'd love to know what you guys are getting your dads for fathers day or if you even exchange gifts as I know alot of people don't bother with these kind of occasions.

*I have been sent products to feature in this post however I have not been paid to feature them and I have been honest in this post 

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