REVIEW: Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

So after seeing LLYMLRS rave about this time and time again I decided I had to try it. It's a gel cleanser, I think the packaging is very simplistic but will last well.  I like that its a squeeze bottle - this means you will be able to scrape every last bit out.

The formula is really nice and thick, you rub it together in your hands and massage onto the face. It feels abit sticky when you first apply it but it applies easily enough. You then apply some water to your face and continue to rub the gel in and it turns into a milky formula.

Then rinse the face with warm water. This leaves your skin feeling really clean, soft and fresh. I feel that this product makes my skin feel plump and ready to apply my face oil at night or my daily moisturiser. It removes make up very easily and is gentle on the skin. I like to take my make-up off with a cleansing water or milk and then follow with this or my REN cleansing gel. This gets all the stuborn make up off really easily.

My skins been really bad recently because of stress from uni but I really like how my skin feels, it feels clean and soft after i've washed with the cleansing gel.

I've been saving up my boots points and I will be repurchasing this.

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Unknown said...

I have wanted to try this Cleanser for ages, it sounds like a great product for keeping skin clean but hydrated too