Neom Happiness * // 'A' Candle - Not on the highstreet * // Yankee Candle - Clean Cotton 

 Candlelit names - ebay

I've gone abit mad on candles recently and my collection is growing!! I've always loved my Neom Candle and it's lasted ages! I really want another one. I got my first Yankee Candle off Clint for Christmas and I love it!! I want to buy more Yankee Candles as I really like them. I love cute little alphabet ones and I like shabby chic styles.

I would love to try more candles what ones would you reccomend ?


Sophie Pocock said...

Love the candles you have, I love to burn candles every night.


Lauren Williamson said...

I love candles! Think I will have to buy that initial candle and name tea light holder! So cute :)

Lauren |

Megan Hunt said...

I love the clean cotton Yankee candle! I recently bought a vanilla candle from Tesco, it was only a couple of pounds and the scent was so beautiful! xo

Megan Hunt said...
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Jade Lydia said...

Anthropologie always have amazing candles, they are often pricey, but perfect it you want to spoil yourself! Personal favourite, a winter pine candle in a ceramic bear. You can see it featured in my #100happydays post :)