REVIEW : ORIGINS GinZing Energy-boosting moistuizer

Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer - rrp £23.00 - Boots

So I got myself a very good bargain ! I picked this up in the boots clearance section for £10 !! saving a whopping £13. I have no idea why it was reduced but I had to have it!

I've tried a sample of the GinZing moisturizer before and I really do like the light-weight texture. I don't really like heavy moisurisers because I have oily skin and I find some moisturizers tend to make my skin appear greasy.

The GinZing is a nice formula, its light and smells amazing ! Its got a very orangy/ citrus scent so your skin feels awake and amazing.

I do feel that this moisturiser tends to make my t-zone a little more oily than usual :( but it definatly moisturises the skin and I would recommend it to those with very dry skin as it will work wonders. I will still continue to use it as I really like how it creates a warm glowy appearance on my skin.


Unknown said...

This sounds great if your skin is needing a real moisture boost - perfect for these dry winter months

Unknown said...

Wow what a bargain I love this stuff x