The Harry Potter Studio Tour ( Pictures inside)

If you are going to the studio tour and don't want to see any images from the tour then stop reading this post, there's spoilers inside and if you intend on visiting the tour I would reccomend seeing it for yourself and not ruining it by looking online however if you have no intention in going and want to see whats there then carry on reading :) 

I had such an amazing time at The Harry Potter Studio Tour and would reccomend it to everyone. I had such a great time, I absolutly love Harry Potter but its for everyone. Theres loads of secrets and props etc that are really incredible to see for yourself. My boyfriend had watched the philosophers stone and wasn't really bothered about going but he really enjoyed himself and he wanted to watch the films when we got home, and we watched them all in like two weeks. It's a really great opportunity and it's great for everyone of all ages. It's well worth the money!

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Floral Danielle said...

I absolutely loved it when I went! :)
My boyfriend worked there at the time though so he wasn't fussed haha!
I wish I got to go during Christmas though!