Seventeen Phwoarr paint - £5.49 - Boots 

I picked up this concealer in boot's the other day! The products were on offer so it worked out well for me to pick an extra item up and i'd seen a few bloggers raving about this and wanted to see what it was like.

For £5.49 I think you get a decent amount of product. The formula is abit tacky and sticky but once it's on your skin that goes away.

I've been applying this to my under-eye and my chin (problem area) and feel that it covers really well. It works really well on my under-eye and lasts really well too! It doesn't last as great on my chin and I've noticed it coming off throughout the day however it states it's an under-eye concealer so I suppose it doesn't state it's an all over concealer.

I really like this concealer and will be repurchasing this. I've actually been using this everyday over my mac concealer.

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