Ever since the GHD air hairdryer was released i've wanted it ! It was actually on my birthday wishlist for this year and my momma was buying it for me so when I was offered the opportunity to review the brand new limited edition sapphire hairdryer I jumped at the chance.

The ghd air sapphire hairdryer is part of the Limited edition ghd jewel collection, I love the hint of colour and think it looks amazing. The hairdryer is a decent size and feels very good quality. It's not too heavy and its very comfortable to hold. The cable is very long at 3m which is great for me as I only have one set of plugs in my room and have to stretch the wire across the room.

You have different settings for the temperature and speed meaning you can alter according to how you prefer to dry your hair. Theres also a cool shot button and it comes with two concentration nozzles.

I think this hairdryer dries my hair quicker and more effortlessly than my previous hairdryer. It also leaves my hair feeling more managable and less flyaway.

I do think that £99 is alot for a hairdryer but this is a really lovely hairdryer and i'm such a massive fan of ghd that I would spend £99 on this hairdryer.
 You can get £20 off by using the code GHD20 


Unknown said...

Oh that looks rather lovely! I do like GHD stuff, and a good hairdryer is so important! I hate how long it takes to blow dry my hair - I get so bored!

Charli blogs said...

I always wonder if it's worth splashing out on an expensive hairdryer, I always buy a cheap one!
Charli @