okay so hiatus over ...

ive been on holiday and college is now over so i have the whole summer to blog away.
i will hopefully be going to university in the summer to study art and design, i will let you know after i get my results on the 18th august if that looks likely. i have some new things to brag about hehe ;) flora- gucci perfume. new aztec top from urban outfitters. french connection suede clutch mac foundation... need to post pictures but my laptops on a go slow.. ¬_¬

my holiday was so good really got to relax :) and wear loads of really nice shorts
gran canaria is a gay capital and therefore there are so many cute little gay bars, i love going to these, cheap cocktails ;)
mini golf, pool, sun, martina cole's books ;), cheesy spanish songs.... all in all it was an amazing holiday

went to town for the first time since ive been home... tbh theres nothing out there. i have loads of summer clothes so im really trying to resist the sales... the a/w lines are appearing i see chinos making a comeback and i saw a few burghandy items which is good since i stocked up on those last year.

im skint atm, holiday has drained me of my funds but im back at work on saturday so i should be earning again woohoo. but... v festival is in about 4 weeks and i have nothing!

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