the cupboards were bare.

do you ever have days when you just run out of everything
today we had nothing to eat. not even bread.
so ive just threw some clothes on to goto the shop.
got a chicken, stuffin and red onion sandwhich... it was yummy.
and ive gone lime diet coke crazy ...again.
  1. top h&m
  2. jeggins newlook
  3. cardigan new look.

i used to hate wearing brown and black together. now i seem to do it all the time. but the fashions change and i think now days you can wear any colours together (maybe not red and green, except at christmas)got work later ...reaallly not in the mood.
having two weeks off probs wasnt a good idea lollive been looking at holidays again todayy
im definatly going oct/nov timee, i hope to go with either my family or dans fam. aspretty much everyone i know needs a holiday lol
could do with some more followers lol

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