LIFESTYLE: Bedroom Renovation Ideas To Turn Your Space Into An Oasis


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Your bedroom can be the most tranquil space in your home after a long and hard day. You should feel inspired and rejuvenated anytime you spend time in it. That’s why you may consider renovating it once in a while, even if it’s a few changes. It is one of the important places to renovate when you think of transforming your home. Here are some modern renovation ideas to help you turn your bedroom into a dreamy oasis. 

  1. Introduce some greenery

Your bedroom can go from drab or dull to lively with various plants. Green plants purify the air and create a zen feeling. You can spread them around your room to create an aesthetic look. Place some big plants in the corner of your room and the smaller ones by your bedside for harmony. Bedroom plants you can choose from include English ivy and Golden pothos, known to purify the air. These plants are easy to take care of as well. 

  1. Add a fitted wardrobe 

Installing built in wardrobes is a good investment and a wonderful idea. A built-in wardrobe helps you keep your bedroom clean and organised. A room with no clutter is a calm room. Because of the space in your wardrobe, you won't have a pile of clothes on your bed or floor.

  1. Change your lighting

For natural light during the day, consider changing your windows. Large windows create an airy and bright atmosphere. At night, they look aesthetically pleasing and create a serene mood. For artificial lighting, a perfect setting is key. You can achieve that with floor lamps, chandeliers, or pendant lamps. 

  1. Change your bedding

The focal point of your bedroom is your bed. Whether you need a new one or a mattress, your bed must be well-positioned for a good night’s rest. You can opt for comfortable bedding as well. Choose soft linen or flannel sheets, depending on your room's temperature, while you sleep. You can buy a new pillow if your old one is flat and uncomfortable. Consider a headboard to help you comfortably sit when reading in bed or going through your mail. Also, you can throw in decorative pillows for an extra touch. 

  1. Choose calming colours 

Colours can affect your mood greatly. The right shade can calm your anxiety and invoke peace, comfort, and happiness. Choosing a cohesive theme is important. Consider neutral tones like beige, cream, and brown to give a more relaxing vibe. Colours like green can also help you disconnect from the outside world and give you a sense of reassurance. 

  1. Decorate your ceiling 

A ceiling is an important design element in your bedroom. It can make your room look spacious, luxurious, and bright. For instance, a darker ceiling colour will visually lower the ceiling in your small room and give it a more comfy feeling. You can apply the same to your ceiling and walls to make your space appear larger and more intimate. 

Your bedroom is your resting place. These ideas will help you turn it into a sanctuary. 

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